My desert island food is Mexican.  Full stop. I can eat it for breakfast lunch & dinner.  So when my birthday came around this February, my hubby Tom & our 12-year-old daughter, Sofia, knew exactly what to get me - an evening of Mexican street food at the lovely Whisk cooking school in Bellevue.

Best. Gift. Ever!  

While we were making tortillas from scratch and grilling flank steak for street tacos, Tom asked the instructor for tips on cooking steak to perfection.  Her eyes lit up & this award-winning chef said she cooks all of her meat in a sous vide for mouth-watering perfection every time.

As we are always up for trying new methods to create amazing food to share with loved ones we purchased ours the next day.

And we were so excited to test it that for our first test we went with the only protein we had in the fridge - eggs. You can’t mess up hard boiled eggs - right?  😂

30 minutes in I looked in the pot confused & said “why isn’t the water boiling yet, we’re normally eating them by now” Tom replied “patience is a virtue”.  

  • 45 minute mark - Tom blesses me with “a watched pot never boils”  

  • Now my husband can be chill at times but this new style of communicating exclusively in Zen phrases was next level

  • Finally at the 90 minute mark done - certainly not the most efficient method to make a hard boiled egg - but onward, let’s taste this magic!

Sofia loves to peel eggs, so we left her to it.  

But a minute into the process I hear “Mom?! Uh, something is wrong with these eggs!”.  Sure enough, gelatinous goo where the hard parts were supposed to be - ew!

So 12 eggs in the bin & take out Mexican for dinner (a plus).  Lesson learned - use Google to find an awesome recipe (found this researching while what went wrong.)

Thankfully this initial head-scratching egg debacual didn’t detour Tom from pushing onward & discovering the real magic is meat!

Simply add fresh herbs, butter, salt & pepper along with your meat of choice into a bag, cook in water & sear in Rice Bran Oil. We use this recipe from Chef Ming Tsai (we skipped the dijon) - so delish!

And the best sous vide machine is this one available on Amazon

Signing off for now, time to open up a bottle of yummy Sav Blanc from my trip to Woodinville & break out the sous vide leftovers. 🥂 😋. Enjoy!!  

Heather Caterson