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Vive is a full-service marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses reach new clients & grow their business with proven marketing solutions used by the most beloved Fortune 500 companies. We are experts in helping you design a custom suite of services to deliver your business goals.

Marketing Strategy

Have you ever looked in the mirror at some point late in the afternoon, only to discover spinach wedged in your teeth? Wouldn’t it have been awesome if you had a friend who would have pointed this out earlier in the day? Vive is that friend, a smart, savvy, intuitive resource who will highlight what needs fixing and provide proven solutions to reach your customers in the most effective way & to help you shine as brightly as possible.


  • Brand Narrative

  • Niche Customer Definition

  • Digital Strategy

  • Annual Marketing Plan

Websites & Digital Marketing

Needless to say the ways of reaching customers has changed drastically in the past 10 years - which can be a bit intimidating, or crazy fun (you know which option we choose). And no worries if SEO, website design, blog posting isn’t your thing - it’s ours. With a team of next-level digital gurus we ensure your online presence is as impactful and high-reaching as possible by creating a Digital Strategy that is simple for you to understand and implement.


  • Website Design

  • SEO

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Media Campaigns

Product Launches

Collectively the Vive team has lead hundreds - scratch that, thousands - of product launches from numerous industries. And every launch no matter the size requires a rigorous planning process, a clear brand identity to enable smart decision making and a strategy to generate the maximum number of eyeballs on the greatness about to enter the world. The Vive Product Launch package includes the following tools to bring your product/service/idea to life in a big bang way:


  • Research & Competitive Analysis

  • Niche Customer Definition

  • Brand Identity

  • Pitch Development

  • Launch Plan



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